Monday, February 02, 2004

groundhog's day

I wonder, now that we've all seen Janet Jackson's right breast if there will be six more weeks of winter?

Twenty six years ago right now I rolled some guy's el camino just up-river from Star ranger station. I went through the windshield, left wrist first. Rolled it twice and endo'd it once. Endo. End over end. Big bad wreck. The hard part was I couldn't find my baby when it was done. It happened so fast. I was drinking whiskey for the first time since my baby was born. I waited a month to the day, it felt like the mandatory waiting period before a divorce becomes final. I'd done my time. I had stopped by Sherman's to show him the car. He appreciated Fords. So I lit up the tires leaving his place and he told me later he had a bad feeling. I didn't. I had a good feeling. I was listening to Sentimental Lady by Fleetwood Mac, singing along. Then there was a fog bank, maybe, or I closed my eyes. Hard to say for sure. There were three of us in the cab. I think my sister found the baby. I remember he was still referred to as "the baby." He hadn't even become Marky yet, let alone Mark. Thank god he bounced. My bouncing baby boy. He is still bouncing....

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