Monday, January 01, 2007

another one down

For those of you who may have seen it: I took my picture off. It was too wierd. I never let anyone take my photograph. Well, hardly ever. That one was okay, but I am too self conscious. Blessed anonymity. I do not seek fame. Infamy is more my style. Happy New Year to y'all jus the same..

We didn't do much. Just the trip out to the island and a couple of gatherings. I brought cookies in an attempt to rid the house of sugar. There are a few lingering and I guess I'll have to eat them myself to get rid of them.

Excuse me for a moment.

Okay. So this laptop is pretty nice, but it takes 10 freakin' minutes from the time I push the start button until I am here and typing. That is actual time. I am unfamiliar with wireless, but is it that slow? Once I'm on, I think I have regular DSL speed, but hooking up takes too long. It may be the computer. I'm still working out the bugs.

I am avoiding painting. This is nothing new. I bought the colors I want: turquoise, cornflower blue and terra cotta. Perfect. It will be a tribute to Diego Rivera, Frieda Kahlo and Mexican art in general. I am typing and the letters aren't showing up very fast. Is that wireless also? Fuck this. The icon says "signal strength good." Okay. What do I know? So, I will paint an undercoat of all those paints I mixed together, let that dry, then decide if I want to go with a colorwashed wall or straight paint.

You'll see what I decide. And soon. Very soon.

New Year's Resolutions: Quit saying fuck out loud, but it is still okay to write it. Spend less money-- after I am done turning the garret into Havana Northwest. Lose the same 15 pounds I have been losing every three months for the past year. Paint the outside chairs ivory and the underside of the tub copper. Water the yard when it is hot without complaining. Think of others. Write a book.

Oh, did I say write a book.

Great. I'll get right on that.

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