Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I feel like crap and I am annoyed at people who come to work when they are sick. Especially salaried martyrs who don't have to show up, who overestimate their contribution, and who, working in the aging industry, create marketing havoc as residents drop like flies in august in the wake of their snotting, blowing show of work ethic gone mad.

When I get sick, I get really sick. It scares me. Thus, the attitude.

a. and asia were in town and we had a nice visit. Soon, asia and I will be a force of two. Soon. a. took many pictures up in my attic, unescorted. I took a chance and left her unchaparoned. Her daughter just shakes her head. Check out the sites. It looks like a. caught some angel making a break for it out the attic window. Just to be clear: those are not my wings. I am no angel. I only live in the garret and type. The harp is incidental. When you see the angel of death, she will not have my face. I take the stairs like anyone.

And speaking of the harp, I liked Jewel, but had to come back to reality and take lessons from someone closer. Elizabeth Nicholsen. will be my new teacher. Jewel lived over an hour from our house, and had a driveway steeper than the back of God's head. I made it, and would have opted out of the country girl club if I hadn't (when in doubt, go fast) but I did. I flew up that hill. It was a beautiful setting, and she has concerts there, so hope to make it back out there one day. I hope I didn't piss her off by taking one lesson and bailing, but biz iz biz. It was a sweet view from a far hilltop, Chehalem Mountain, and I'm glad I went. It was the typical rich hippie dwelling: lots of bare wood, all original art. Very nice. Elizabeth, on the other hand, lives in the hood.

I am practicing. I took my harp to work with me and there is no better audience for a beginning harper than Alzheimer's patients. Tiger Lil' made me pick out "Danny Boy," which I did, and she accompanied me in high soprano. Perfect pitch at 96. It was like typing with one finger because I don't know the fingering for it, but I found the notes, and made the music. But even harp practice is beautiful.

Well, I will lay my body down, and wait for the family to come home. I hope I don't get bronchitis.

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