Saturday, January 27, 2007


Recent photographs of my new harp. It is a Dusty Strings FH26, maple. Beautiful. I can't play it, but am learning. I am taking my first lesson today from Jewel somebody. I hope I can take her seriously. Dancing Trees or something. But I just really want to learn to play this properly before I form the bad habits to which I am prone. And, I hope I don't completely neutralize her abiilty to help me because I am so judgmental.

That being said, here's my harp. I am now a harpy.


Mama Jackie said...

I LOVE YOUR HARP!!! I cannot wait to sit and have you play for me...even if you think you cannot play...I will still love to hear its beauty!!! Congrats!!!

L. said...

too effin cool, for the wife who has everything. that man do know and love you.