Sunday, January 14, 2007


I decided to do a catch-up posting and get all the pictures out. Hope you enjoy them. I've finished painting the garret, pretty much, and I love it. We put some carpet down just to cover the floor and will find some pieces to go with the new look. So far, it is so frigging cold up there that I can't move my fingers. And the stairs are so narrow there is nothing to sit on. I'm considering bean bags. They make huge bean bags now. Sumo bags. Fat boy bags. Look it up. I think that would work well for me. Lounging is my natural position. I am supine.

New additions to the monkey clan

My new harp. I just got it today. I'm considering a career change to thanatology. Actually, my husband found it for me. I love that he sees me that way.

Sid makes the catch

The landing

Sid trots away with the only thing that matters to him

Haley and Sid on the way to the park.

Looking down the stairway from the garret

The attic

One corner and the door

The window.

the opposite corner

The window again

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asha said...

Nice space. Donna Eden and her husband David from Ashland turned a similar space into the coolest meditation room + writing room + offices + temple room. It was great. David built a little platform under one of the skylights and stuck a big, comfy recliner with keyboard up into it and wrote a book there.