Sunday, April 26, 2009

clamfest 09

Kurt and Sid walk down the beach in search of the elusive Razor Clam.

After a long day of clamming we went out to a crappy Italian dinner with bad service and small portions. A Taste of Tuscany is right. Then, out to see Sunshine Cleaning. I didn't figure Seaside for a large moviegoing community, but we actually had the entire theatre to ourselves. I could speak out loud and we danced through the credits to "Spirit in the Sky" by somebody from Portland, I forget who.

A walk around the promenade, the dead town, overbuilt for the money times, seemed to hold its breath in dread of a bleak summer season, hoodlums on streetcorners, waiting for opportunity instead of inspiration.
This is the morning rush of clammers.


Lorretta said...

so how was that movie, I had wanted to see it. it's a lovely life, Judy. reality not withstanding.

Lorretta said...

the pictures make it nice.

msb said...

Jeez, hope the economy doesn't tank the town. Maybe it was just the weather, a bad day. ya