Saturday, April 11, 2009

springtime in the northland

I couldn't wait. Sue me. Last week it was fuschia saturday at Freddy's and I got 24 fuschias for six pots. Then, I toured the beds around my unloved yard, determined to fill all of the empty spots for a riot of spring color. I bought
Trailing Lobelia
blue Columbine
Day lilies
yellow clover
two kinds of trailing purple stuff
and there are still places for tons of stuff.

Sick or not, I planted. Last year I held my breath waiting for the Canby Master Gardner's Faire and ended up disappointed. Anything called a "Faire" is usually overrated. But they do have some fun stuff, and I'll go again, dragging my husband along for the heavy lifting, but I'm mostly looking for an Azalea for the front yard. I spent some time cutting back ferns in the rose beds. I think they do best with a good haircut just as the new fronds are unfurling their fuzzy little coils. I broke off two lilies I didnt' see. I need permanent markers for those guys, little sticks reminding me that something is being born again, just beneath the autumn detrius. They are so fragile.

Speaking of fragile... I am so fucking sick. I'm nearly through the zpack and still ill. Still very ill. Still as ill as I've been in months, and for those of you who follow this bouncing ball, I've been damn sick.

I tried visualizing wellness and abundance and all that, and I haven't abandoned the hope that positive thought has a role, but damn. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. We are staying home because I am sick. I don't get to see my son because I am sick. I miss Easter Baskets and hiding the eggs and always having one that never gets found until the heat of summer gives it away.


asha said...

Sorry to hear you are still so sick. Enough, already.

You do a fine garden. I very much enjoyed it last summer. Riot's the word. A garden straight out of a romance novel. Too bad about the two lilies though. I hate when stuff like that happens.

No Easter bunny here. I did dispatch one to my granddaughter-in-law up your way but bought it early and waited too long to send it so it's only en route now, which means I get a ding on the granny points.

msb said...

It's not fair your still sick, especially this time of the year. Hope your better soon and maybe you could post some pic's of your beautiful yard??? Only if your better and it's not to much trouble...:+)

someone said...

I think I'll live.
msb I'll post some of last year's poppys. Still my all time best. If I was in 4-H I'd win the prize