Saturday, July 21, 2007

from sea to shining sea

Beyond the initial rejection, we had a great time. In retrospect, even the denial at the border seemed more money-maker than moral judgement. We ended the border day early, a little worn out from the drama, and stayed in a pristine camp along the Skagit River in Washington at Rockport. In our truck and trailer we camped alongside 50,000 dollar campers and retirees from Whidbey Island. It was a good camp, though, and nice to listen to the river.

There were yuppie trails to wander in: flat pathways mowed in meadowland along the river. My kinda hiking. The Skagit River is turquoise and opaque, almost milky, from glacial flour -- minerals that run off the cascade glaciers in such proportion that they color the river.

The next day we made up for lost time and drove to Montana. The thing I like best about Montana is the way they mark death by car crash.

Other than Glacier Park, which was spectacular, and I'll post pictures when I get them sorted out (I am a crappy photographer) I found Montana in serious need of a bottle bill or a conscience. It was a mess. And so hot. And more heat to come.

We were on our way out of Glacier Park when we decided to turn back West to escape the heat wave. It was a disappointment for K who really wanted to show me the Big Horn Mountains, but the heat just wouldn't permit it, not with Sid under the canopy. So, we headed West on Hwy. 2 instead of East, and back to the Cascades. Home. Green. Happy.


msb said...

Glad your home safe and sound.

Roy said...

Looks like a pretty neat trip to me, despite getting hassled by The Man...and I think you're a good photographer, based on what I see, so far.

Anonymous said...

the photos are more great than not, by a good ways. welcoe back, to civilization and your HOME, which embraces you completely, due to your martha stewart devotion.