Saturday, July 21, 2007


Let me be the first out here in blogland to congratulate Asia and Clark on their very recent nuptials. We just got home, full and happy. It was a beautiful wedding, the sunflowers spectacular and the weather mild and perfect. I didn't take any pictures, though. You'll have to wait for those from someone else.

It made us want to have a real wedding, something a little more substantial than our eight-person event, counting the judge. But our families never act that well when gathered in one place. It always used to turn into a shoot out of some kind and I can't see any reason why that would be different today just because most of the troublemakers are dead. There are enough of their progeny remaining to shake things up.

Really, it was probably the nicest wedding I've ever been to.


Roy said...

Let me be the second.

You had eight people at your wedding? That many? I think we had, counting this cat, oh, OK, we had eight. Nine, if you count the preacher's wife, although she sat out in the car that he left idling in the driveway.

L. said...

i had one with six, four on orange sunshine.

asha said...

We're just shackin' up.

It was so nice you and Kurt were there, an island of bright, sober light floating off the bow of the drunken barge manned by my dear brother et al.

asia said...

i've been catching up on everyones old posts slowly. thank you! i am SO glad you and kurt were there. clark mentioned tonight that i never actually introduced you to him and for that i feel terrible. agh...

lets have coffee soon. i am out of town next weekend but i dont have a job at the moment so my schedule is wide open. let me know.