Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ready, set

Time to finish. I've packed already. I've sewn clothes I want to wear. I've gathered up our belongings and done everything but go through the camping gear, which is the larger task in front of me. I have to thaw meat and make something for the potluck funeral. I don't know what, because like the rest of the world, it is freaking hot and using the oven is absurd. So it will be a bbq special. I'll think of something. Pork-something covered with bbq sauce. That's it. Who will complain?

So, its south to Coos County, of Coos County Jail fame, then back to Portland to pick up our gear and head on up into Canada through Idaho and Montana. We will camp some and motel some. We should hit some rain and some big heat. We may make it as far as Lake Louise. I'd like that. Sitting on the vortex of my sofa which I put on craigslist but no one will buy -- it doesn't feel like vacation yet, but it will in the morning. I am very ready.


msb said...

Happy trails to you until you blog again.

Roy said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

have a great time.