Tuesday, July 24, 2007

morning after shoes

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One thing is certain: Every picture tells a story. If you enlarge the photograph, you will see the stonework. It is much more interesting, I'm certain, than the story behind these shoes, which have been out front for, oh, 36 hours now. Most of the freegans in the neighborhood have passed them by, I presume, out of respect for drunkeness and excess.

Is freegan a Portland-only term? I think it refers to vegans who will break the severity of their diets only for free food, but the term has been extended to mean scavengers who pick up all the free shit left on Portland sidewalks with the intent to be re-used.

What does it all mean?

My neighbor collects sparkly dancing shoes.
She got tired of walking uphill in heels.
She got tired of walking downhill in heels.
It is a very small yard sale.


Anonymous said...

what size are they?

someone said...

as I recall, they are WAY too small for you :)

Anonymous said...

well they would surely loose some of their sad charm, pumped up to a size 9. (and a half... :-) ... )

Anonymous said...

I think it's because you have the right shoe on the left, and the left shoe on the right.

Anyway, my size 12s wouldn't fit in either one of them.

Anonymous said...

I do like the stonework. Is that what they call the "keystone?"

Anonymous said...

One last comment--I forgot to identify myself. (I don't log in while at work.)

msb said...

Great use for all those keys that lost their holes.